The emotions signed Klepto

Klepto wants to excite.

It is important for us at Klepto to make our mark.

We live on memories and experiences, so we also want you to have an extremely personal experience to celebrate such an important moment as the exchange of wedding rings.

The Klepto experience was born to give a souvenir to the bride and groom.

During this special day dedicated to the couple, we give the opportunity to assist and participate in the realization of their wedding rings that will be forged to measure in the laboratory.

The couple will be welcomed in the shop with pastries and coffee to discuss together the type of wedding rings, choose them and make them unique.

We continue with the artisan creation of our wedding rings to drag future newlyweds fully into our world.

To give a more intimate moment, the children will be our guests for lunch at the Righi La Taverna restaurant.

Our precious mission ends with the delivery of the rings, the result of a work where passion and dedication come together to create sculptures to wear every day.